Shamans: Nature Red in Tooth and Claw

The path of the Shaman is that of harmony with nature. The Shaman derives their power from their Totem, the manifestation of the natural world that resonates most with themselves, and channels their strength through emotion and instinct rather than logic. Through this, the Shaman can wield nigh-limitless power; unlike Hermetic mages, they are not restricted to the body of written knowledge about magic, and can in time ascend to heights of spellcasting prowess that Hermetic mages cannot achieve. Of course, this comes at a price– the spirits that the Shaman can conjure are weak in comparison to those of the Hermetic tradition, and the Shaman's Totem may impose additional restrictions upon them. Still, a Shaman in the height of their power is a fearsome opponent indeed.

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An image of a serious-faced woman draped in furs, lit in futuristic purples and blues. Photo by Dynamic Wang on Unsplash