Hermetic Mages: Knowledge is Power

"Communing with hokey nature spirits? Wasting your potential on making yourself jump higher? Bah. Back in my day..." Not every Hermetic mage is a curmudgeonly scholar, but it's no secret that the path to success for the Hermetic is through the study of the inner workings of magic. After all, how can you effectively wield a tool that you don't fully understand?

Hermetic mages aren't all study and paperwork, though. Through their deep understanding of the mechanics of magic, they've gained access to powerful entities known as Elementals that they can conjure and bind. Although this practice is not without risk, the rewards are great for those who can master it– Hermetic elementals are leagues stronger than Shamanic spirits, and are well-suited to carrying out tasks and protecting the mage as they go about their business in the shadows. Runners know: It's hard to touch a Hermetic mage who's had the time to prepare for the fight.

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An image of a dark-skinned, dreadlocked man with a mirrored visor standing before a colorful wall of blurred neon light. Photo by Wilmer Martinez on Unsplash