Decking: There Is No Spoon

So you want to be a decker, eh? You'll have the digital pulse of the world at your fingertips as you explore the deep reaches of the interconnected Matrix. It's a weird world in there– you'll be experiencing full-dive VR into the imagination of whoever designed your server, and there's a real chance that you'll run into some nasty trap and get to experience your psyche being blasted with dumpshock.

But hey, all that risk comes with reward: You'll be rolling in it. Deckers are some of the the highest-earning folks out there, and although they're not much good in a fight, your average decker is still going to have more nuyen than they know what to do with. Good for them, too; life in the Sprawl is expensive, especially if you're looking to reach the top tiers of cyberware and decking equipment. The real trick is spending it all before the corpos you stole data from come knocking...

Click here to play online.

Prefer telnet? We're running at port 4000.

An image of a woman standing before a wall-sized blue display, reaching out as if controlling it with her hand. Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash